The Insurance Museum – an initiative designed to inspire a new generation of insurance industry professionals

Captivating and compelling stories have unfolded throughout the history of insurance. How better to inspire a new generation of insurance industry professionals than to find a way to share these fascinating stories?


Having spent 35 incredible years serving the insurance industry myself, I am passionate about supporting any initiative which aims to attract young and talented people, from all backgrounds, towards an exciting and fulfilling career in our industry. Which is why I am so pleased to be supporting The Insurance Museum as a founder member.


The Insurance Museum, a registered charity, is committed to raising £3,000,000 to deliver their long-term goal of establishing a world-class visitor and research centre in the City of London where they will exhibit their collections in the form of a physical museum and library in London EC3. The team behind the museum have already started to collect heritage items and archives for their exhibitions, and their online platform is already showcasing the first of their virtual galleries.


Importantly, the funds they are raising will also support their outreach programmes to schools, colleges and universities. The museum aims to engage current and future insurance professionals, and the general public, and hope that by ‘sharing the story of the evolution of the insurance profession; including the events, the people and the complex workings of calculating risk; we can educate, build awareness, trust and confidence in our profession.’


Innovation and insurance go hand in hand. The Insurance Museum launched their first digital resource last month in the form of an online exhibition titled ‘Rising from the ashes’. This virtual exhibit shares the story of the origins of fire insurance, during the period which followed the Great Fire of London. Further initiatives are in development, including digital resources on marine and aviation insurance. The museum’s recently launched newsletter is designed to keep subscribers, including teachers and educators, up-to-date with new and engaging educational content.


The enthusiasm of the team behind The Insurance Museum is tangible. Reg Brown, Chairman at The Insurance Museum, said; “On behalf of the Insurance Museum I would like to thank Brett and the team at BLW for their valued support and congratulate them on their vision and enthusiasm for this project. We need the support of more businesses like BLW. Many insurance CEOs highlight the difficulties they are facing in attracting talented individuals into their businesses. The Insurance Museum will tell the story of insurance, past, present and future, to the public, school children and young people. It is an exciting way to talk about the opportunities offered by a career in insurance and how vital the sector is to the global economy.”


You too can help to inspire a new generation of insurance professionals and preserve the fascinating history of the insurance industry for everyone, by becoming a founder member of The Insurance Museum. Annual membership is just £50 and includes talks and panel discussions with guest speakers, blogs and podcasts, and virtual exhibits. All of which are designed to inspire, educate and entertain whilst the physical museum is in development.


Find out more, sign up for the newsletter, and become part of The Insurance Museum story here.