High-Risk Liability Insurance: BLW’s Wholesale Business 

Established in 1971, BLW has been trading for over 50 years and remains independent, owned by our working directors. We are passionate about providing professional, agile, and personal service for our broker partners and direct commercial customers. 

If you’re looking for a trusted broker to create and tailor a bespoke policy to satisfy your specific business requirements, then you’ve come to the right place. We recognise the benefits of developing and nurturing enduring relationships with customers, insurers and brokers and we collaborate with carefully selected partners to offer all classes of liability, commercial, property and associated covers, along with sport and leisure insurance and marine insurance. All are tailored to our client’s individual needs.

Did you know BLW are experienced wholesale brokers, and we can help you place complex liability risks into the London Market?

In the dynamic world of insurance, liability risks often present unique challenges for brokers and clients alike. Fortunately, BLW Insurance Brokers have established themselves as experienced wholesale brokers with a proven track record of successfully placing complex liability risks into the London Market.

With a focus on partnership, relationship-building, and bespoke risk transfer solutions, BLW is dedicated to helping brokers find comprehensive liability insurance cover for even the most difficult cases.

We identify and create our products with carefully selected insurer partners who can assess your most complex risk situations to provide options for your liability insurance cover, with a capacity of up to £25m.

Our considerable experience in the liability sector, combined with access to specialist markets that can provide cover for a broad spectrum of liability exposures, means that an underwriting solution is almost always available. We look forward to supporting you with your hard-to-place liability risks.

BLW are also an experienced wholesale broker, specialising in high-risk liability insurance?  
Liability risks can be notoriously difficult to place due to their complexity and diverse nature. Whether you’re dealing with a challenging risk situation or a case with a poor loss record, BLW is equipped to provide effective solutions. We understand that each risk is unique and requires a tailored approach. By collaborating with carefully selected insurer partners, we ensure that your liability insurance cover meets your client’s specific needs.

Established as a wholesale broker, BLW has earned its reputation in the Lloyd’s market as a reliable source for bespoke risk transfer solutions. Our mission is centred around working in partnership with clients and building strong relationships to ensure their unique insurance needs are met. With a deep understanding of complex insurance placements, BLW specialises in negotiating favourable terms for difficult-to-place risks.

As a fully accredited Lloyd’s broker BLW has direct access to a unique pool of underwriting expertise in the Lloyd’s global marketplace. This enables us to use our specialist knowledge to locate the best underwriters and negotiate the most favourable contractual terms for our customers, bringing world-class support to our network. Combining our expertise in niche products, sectors and regions allows us to identify and develop new products in partnership with Lloyd’s, as well as with the major composite insurers, underpinned by our customer-first approach.

BLW use specialist knowledge of complex liability risks in niche sectors to negotiate terms on difficult-to-place risks.

BLW Insurance Brokers demonstrate an exceptional appetite for wholesale risks, particularly in niche sectors. We leverage our specialist knowledge and industry connections to navigate complex liability risks and secure the most favourable terms for our clients. Some examples of niche sectors we excel include manufacturing, construction, leisure, healthcare, and professional services.

What is BLW Insurance Brokers wholesale risk appetite?

It’s safe to say that no two days are the same in insurance and we thrive on the variety of risks we see and have carved out a reputation for placing complex large risks.

Recent examples include a retail broker called us and advised that they couldn’t obtain terms on a renewal due in a few days’ time involving a large claim where a third party had suffered multiple injuries, and the claim had a reserve of several million pounds. We were able to obtain terms and bind cover within a couple of days of receipt.

We have also been able to obtain terms on a risk with multiple poor years relating to attritional claims and several large losses. BLW’s experience in the market has also enabled us to place risks involving exposures as diverse as Bitcoin, Complex products supplied to the Ministry of Defence and risks and distressed cases where a non-conventional placement was required involving aggregate deductibles.

What it’s like to work in collaboration with BLW Insurance Brokers

Working collaboratively with our clients, our team of skilled professionals leverages their extensive expertise and experience in various industry sectors and products. We excel in negotiating competitive pricing and comprehensive policy coverage, all while delivering top-notch personal service led by senior management.

High-Risk Liability Insurance provides coverage specifically designed for occupations and industries that involve higher levels of risk. This type of insurance includes Public Liability and Employers’ Liability, catering to the needs of more dangerous occupations.

These occupations can include the construction sector and its very specific exposures such as working at heights for steeplejacks, scaffolders, and roofers; heat working, such as welding and fabrication and plumbing and heating contractors; and individuals working in hazardous environments, such as civil engineers, drilling, and ground workers. Given the unique risks associated with these occupations, it is crucial to have a specialist insurance broker to arrange the placement of cover.

Manufacturing risks may have specific products exposures which could include supply of safety critical or medical products. Also there could be a level of exports to the U.S. which requires a specialist market. There could also be high limits required contractually. In certain cases, cover outside of what is offered under a standard liability policy such as efficacy or a financial loss extension is required, and we have a good success rate at negotiating non-standard covers.

The leisure sector normally requires high levels of risk management and an insurer partner that is willing to work with the client to reduce attritional and nuisance type claims that can so easily be avoided with better housekeeping. This results in an improved loss record and cheaper premiums and/or lower excesses for the client.

We take the time to understand the risk profile, asking for detailed information about the business activities, risk management, attitude to risk and past claims to help build a detailed picture of each case we take to market. This information allows us to use our experience and expertise to present each risk in the best light to match the case to the right insurer, taking into consideration the cover required, premiums, and services provided by insurers.

How do BLW Insurance Brokers deal with claims?

A delayed claim settlement can damage your reputation and have a detrimental effect on your business relationships. At BLW, you can trust us to provide you with quality advice and continued support while handling your claim as smoothly and efficiently as possible with our insurer partners. For larger losses, we appoint our nominated loss adjusters on the first date of our notification of the loss to liaise with all parties involved. Our aim is to streamline the claims process and to provide regular updates where appropriate, keeping matters as stress-free as possible.

What Next?

When it comes to high-risk liability insurance, BLW Insurance Brokers stand out as industry leaders in placing wholesale business via the London Market. With their vast experience, access to specialist markets, and commitment to building strong relationships, BLW is the go-to partner for clients seeking comprehensive coverage for their most complex risks.

Whether you require assistance with challenging risk situations or have a problematic case with a poor loss record, BLW is prepared to support you with tailor-made solutions backed by top-rated insurers. We look forward to supporting you with your hard-to-place liability risks.

Please send your enquiries to Jaimie Quill – jaimie.quill@blwinsurance.com